How does Q Leave work?

QLeave provides long service leave entitlements to workers in the building and construction industry in Queensland. 

Entitlements are based on time spent in the industry rather than time spent with any individual employer. 

QLeave operates on a service credit system. Eligible workers who are registered with QLeave receive one (1) service credit for every day they work, up to a maximum of 220 service credit days per year. After 2,200 service credits are recorded which will take at least ten years to accrue, workers will be entitled to 8.67 weeks of long service leave paid by QLeave. Service credits accrued in interstate portable long service leave schemes can count towards this total. 

Once workers are eligible to take long service leave, they can take all of their leave at once or take it in small portions (no less than 5 days unless it is likely to be the last payment for long service leave). As long as they continue to work, their entitlements will keep growing. For example, workers can allow their entitlement to keep accruing and take 13 weeks paid long service leave after the equivalent of 15 years full time work (3,300 service credits).

There is no cost for workers to be registered with QLeave. The Scheme is funded by a levy payable on all building and construction work in Queensland costing $150,000 (excluding GST) or more.

If you are a worker in the Queensland’s building and construction industry, click the link below to see if you are eligible to join QLeave.