Darren’s Story

Darren came to Employee & Executive Protect after being stood down from his role with multiple serious allegations of misconduct. The employer investigated with and made multiple findings of dishonesty – but with no consultation or interview being conducted with the employee.
The employee (who had been with the company for over 20 years) maintained his innocence and because of the allegations suffered serious health issues.
Employee & Executive Protect stepped in and provided advocacy and representation to Darren. EEP defended Darren’s rights, as procedural fairness had in no way taken place. An arduous and long battle ensued. After lodging proceedings [12-months] in the Fair Work Commission; and extensive other negotiations, it was found that there was no basis for the allegations, and it was at best a witch-hunt against the employee. As a result, the employer was compelled to negotiate an exit package which ultimately, thanks to EEP, was double the amount that employee would have received had the matter proceeded to hearing.
Name changed for client privacy